Below is a list of all Fishinar and Fishy Hours REEF has offered to date. To view archived recordings and cheatsheets from these sessions, click on the name of the Fishinar or Fishy Hour, or click on the Archive button and search for the session of interest. You must be logged in as a REEF member to view the recording and download the Cheatsheet (only Fishinars have Cheatsheets).

REEF's Fishinars and Fishy Hours are free and open to all REEF members. This includes attending live and accessing archived recordings and study guides (aka "cheatsheets"). Join today if you aren't yet a REEF member! Fishinar archives are intended for individual viewing for REEF members only. If you'd like to show a Fishinar to your group contact us to make arrangements. 

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    California (CAL)

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    Hawaii (HAW)

    South Pacific, Central Indo-Pacific, and Indian Ocean / Red Sea (SOP, CIP, IORS)

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    Northeast US and Canada (NE)

    Pacific Northwest (PNW)

    South Atlantic States (SAS)

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    Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP)

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    Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA)

    General Overview
    By Fish Family:
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