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A Sign of a Heathy Ecosystem, video collection of sharks at the Nassau Grouper Spawning site on Little Cayman. February 2021

“Fish Spawning Aggregations Monitoring & Management in the Modern Era”, Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institute (GCFI) 69th Conference Keynote Talk by Dr. Brice Semmens. November 2016

2013 Spawning Night Compilation - Watch this short video montage of the aggregation and spawning action in February 2013.

Changing Seas: Grouper Moon - This episode of the Emmy award-winning "Changing Seas" PBS series features the story of the Grouper Moon Project. It features interviews with scientists, information about the cutting-edge research being conducted, REEF's education and outreach efforts, and spectacular underwater footage.

Grouper Education Program Live-from-the-Field Sessions - In addition to underwater livefeeds, Grouper Moon scientists host several "porch chats" each year with Caymanian Classrooms. These sessions introduce different components of the program, show off technology, and allow the students to ask questions. Most of the previous livefeeds and chats are archived on the Grouper Moon Project YouTube channel.

Grouper Education Program Underwater Live Feed Highlights - As part of the Grouper Education Program, our team conducts "live from the field" sessions. In this video, Professor Brice Semmens of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography chats live from underwater with students from Cayman Prep and High School during the 2012 research field season.

Grouper's Last Stand - A 3-minute PSA highlighting the importance of protecting spawning aggregations. This video was produced in 2011 by Josh Stewart in the month's leading up to the expiration of the original 8-year ban on fishing at aggregation sites during spawning in the Cayman Islands. Thanks to awareness raised by this PSA and other Grouper Moon outreach efforts, the Cayman Islands Marine Conservation Board extended the ban for another 8 years in December 2011. (YouTube)

2012 Spawning Highlghts - A short video featuring field work from the 2012 Grouper Moon season. (YouTube)

Grouper Moon Project Documentary - A 16 minute documentary video produced by Dr. Brice Semmens in 2006 that highlights REEF's collaboration with the Cayman Islands Department of the Environment on this critical conservation science project. The acoustic tagging research that was initiated in 2005 is featured. (Windows Media Player, 33 MB).

Cleaning Station at the Aggregation - During the February 2006 aggregation, we placed stationary cameras on two active cleaning stations for one hour intervals during the day in order to record behavior and cleaning station activity. A compilation of time-lapse video from a cleaning station, sped up 2x actual speed, -- the video represents approximately 10 minutes over two days at one large sponge that served as an active cleaning station on the Little Cayman West End aggregation site. The Nassau grouper are seen flashing various colorations during their attempts to be in the primary cleaning location in the sponge. In addition to Nassau grouper, yellowfin grouper and tiger grouper occasionally show up to be cleaned (but rarely are allowed access for more than a few moments). (Windows Media Player, 12 MB) 

Little Cayman Spawning Aggregation Compilation 2008 - This video is a compilation of activity at the West End Little Cayman spawning site. The clip features the large number of Nassau grouper at the site (estimated at 3,000-3,500 individuals) a few days prior to spawning, the use of the site by many different species to spawn (including horse-eye jack), Caribbean reef sharks that try to prey on spawning (and distracted!) fish, and finally the big event, Nassau grouper spawning. (Windows Media Player, 20MB) 

Grouper Moon 2008 Compilation - This video/audio compilation was edited by Dr. Scott Heppell (OSU) and features topside and underwater footage of the January 2008 field research. (Windows Media Player, 50MB)

Current Drifter Tracks - Three satellite drifters were deployed at the Little Cayman aggregation site on the night of spawning. The paths will be recorded by ARGOS satellites for 45 days and the resulting data will be used to develop a larval dispersal model in collaboration with researchers from University of Miami. Little Cayman is the island shown. The video represents movement between 1/29/08 and 2/11/08. See the 2008 Project Summary for more information on this work. (AVI, 10MB)

Fish Movement - Preliminary results from the acoustic tagging project that was initiated on Little Cayman in 2005 to understand the movement patterns of Nassau grouper. This link will take you to a page with links to movement track videos of all tagged Nassau grouper.

Acoustic Tagging Methods - This link will take you to a page with several short video clips of the capture, tagging, release, and tracking methods used in the Grouper Moon Acoustic project.

2002 Little Cayman Spawning Aggregation - A short compilation of video from the first year of video documentation of the Little Cayman West End Aggregation Site in 2002. Footage includes daytime behaviors and spawning releases. (Windows Media Player, 10MB).

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