Bring your classroom to life with REEF’s Ocean Explorers Virtual Field Trips!

This program is an interactive field trip simulation that includes engaging lesson plans and activities to give students experiences and connections to the marine environment without leaving their classroom. Students have the opportunity to explore what life is like as a marine scientist, performing exploration tasks and creating research trials as they complete field journals and become citizen scientists themselves. 

Each session is adaptable and can be modified to be taught in-person at school, off-site in the field, or entirely online in a virtual format. REEF Scientists will guide your students through the field trip, allowing for minimal preparation on the teacher's end. The virtual field trips curriculum follows the 5E lesson structure: Engagement, Exploration, Explanation, Elaboration, Evaluation. By following this structure, the programs are designed to supplement a teacher's classroom curriculum easily. 

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Take your students on an exciting field trip with REEF to the sunny, salty Florida Keys and experience life as a scientist!

Photo by: Jim Hellemn

Photo by: Jim Hellemn

Begin your Ocean Explorers Virtual Field Trip today! Sign up on our Registration Page and receive your materials to start your adventure. To learn more about the virtual field trips, visit our Program Information page or email 

Thanks to the generosity of REEF members and donors, at this time, groups can participate in the program at no cost. Expenses associated with the program are supported through REEF’s Oceans for All Fund. The Ocean for All Fund is a pooled scholarship fund supported by businesses, foundations, and individuals committed to investing in a more equitable future for marine conservation. This fund promotes inclusive opportunities for people to connect with, enjoy, and learn about the underwater world. REEF uses the fund in partnership with established organizations. It directly provides both in-person and online programs, ensuring that cultivating connections with the ocean is not limited by zip code. The Oceans for All Fund reduces barriers that restrict participation in REEF’s programs. To learn more about the Oceans for All Fund, visit our webpage.