Complete conservation-oriented challenges to earn exclusive stickers -- badges of honor for completing each challenge! Jump into citizen science, meet other fish geeks, and have fun learning about ocean life and REEF programs!

Check out the challenges below to see if you have done any of them already, and which ones you want to work toward!

First, log into your REEF account, and then read the challenge eligibility requirements below. Follow this link to request your free stickers.

Share your achievements and prize stickers on social media with the hashtag #conservationchallenge. Or, email your photos to

Not all challenges are currently available - stay tuned throughout the year!

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Conservation Challenge Sticker
1. This sticker is for everyone who participates in the Conservation Challenge!
Conservation Challenge Region Stickers

2.    Survey Regions: Get STUCK on surveying! Eligible if you have conducted and submitted at least one REEF survey. YES! Past years do count on this one!

  • TWA: Tropical Western Atlantic
  • PAC: Pacific Coast (includes California and Pacific Northwest & Alaska)
  • TEP: Tropical Eastern Pacific
  • HAW: Hawaii
  • SAS: South Atlantic States (NC, SC, GA)
  • CIP: Central Indo Pacific
  • SOP: South Pacific
  • EAM: Eastern Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic and North Sea
  • NE: Northeast US & Eastern Canada
  • IORS: Indian Ocean and Red Sea

3. Fishinars: Learn from experts how to identify fish and other marine life based on key characteristics. Eligible if you are registered or have attended a Fishinar or Fishy Hour for this calendar year (see more:

4. REEF Field Survey Trips: Join other fish geeks on a vacation that gives back. Dive to renowned reefs while surveying marine life. Eligible if you are registered for a future REEF Field Survey Trip or have attended a previous trip. (see more:
5. Give Big for the Oceans: REEF wouldn’t exist without people who give BIG! Eligible if you've donated to REEF during our spring Give BIG for the Oceans campaign this year.
*Sticker will be given in a thank-you letter.
6. Fish out of Water 5k: Fitness and fishes? What’s not to love about this challenge? Eligible if you're registered for this year's Fish out of Water 5K (see more: 
*Sticker will be given in race packages.
7. Photo Contest: Appreciate the wonders of the sea through photography with this challenge. Eligible if you either vote or submit a photo to the Discover the Sea Photo Contest this year.
*Available at the start of this year's photo contest

8. Great Annual Fish Count: Participate in a worldwide fish count! Team up with people in your community to submit fish surveys this July. Eligible if you attend any Great Annual Fish Count (GAFC) events this calendar year or submit a REEF survey in July. See more:
*Available after July of this year

9. Invasive Species Program: We’d be “lion” if we said these fish belong here!
Help us remove invasive lionfish at our derby or sweep in the TWA region, or learn about the invasion during one of our workshops. Eligible if you've ever participated in a lionfish derby, submitted an invasive species report, participated in the Lionfish Sweep, or attended a lionfish handling or lionfish jewelry workshop.
10. REEF Fest: Celebrate the oceans with other dedicated REEF members. Enjoy seminars, banquets, and eco excursions at this fun annual festival. Eligible if you attend REEF Fest this year (see more:
*Sticker will be given at the event.

11. Citizen Science Story: Share how you’ve participated in one of REEF’s main programs or survey trips. Eligible if you email your citizen science story and a photo of yourself to
12. Into the Blue Book Club: Dive into a good book. Join the author for a Q&A, followed by a discussion with book club members. Eligible if you attend a book club meeting this year. (see more:

13. Gear-on-the-Go: Represent REEF in the field. Send us your photos wearing REEF gear for a chance to be featured on our social media. Eligible if you email a photo or two of you in your REEF gear to

14. Guardian Club: Join the Guardian Club—some of our most dedicated supporters who are helping to conserve marine environments and protect the oceans year-round. As a REEF Guardian, you will receive invitations to special events. Eligible by setting up a recurring monthly donation (see more:
*Sticker will be given with thank-you letter.
15. Golden Hamlet: Awarded to those who have dedicated many hours of their life to surveying marine life, the Golden Hamlet is given to those who have completed 1000+ REEF surveys. Eligible if you've joined the Golden Hamlet Club (see more:

16. Volunteer of the Year: Honorable mention for REEF volunteers that have gone the extra mile to help REEF meet its mission of conserving marine environments and engaging the public. Eligible if you've been awarded Volunteer of the Year (see more:
17. Super Surveyor: Super Surveyors have gone above and beyond to make notable contributions to our database! Eligible if you've completed 25+ REEF surveys within this calendar year (see more:
18. Giving REEF: Acknowledging our most generous supporters, the Giving REEF is located at the REEF Campus in Key Largo, FL, and includes hand-painted fish with engraved plaques recognizing the donor. Eligible if you donate $500 or more within a given year (see more:
*Sticker will be given with thank-you letter.
19. Campus: Acquired in 2009, the REEF Campus has been located at the oldest standing building in the Upper Keys, a yellow conch house in Key Largo. Visit the REEF Campus to say hello, take a walk around our nature trail, and read the displays to learn about REEF citizen science programs. Eligible if you've visited the REEF Campus at 98300 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037.
20. Expert Surveyor: Expert Surveyors have reached the upper ranks of REEF surveyors. All survey data they submit is categorized as expert data. Eligible if you are a Level 4 or Level 5 surveyor for any survey region. These experience levels are determined by the number of surveys completed and examination scores. To learn more about upping your experience level, click here. 
21. Ocean Explorers: REEF provides incredible education programs that inspire participants to engage in immersive, hands-on learning and exploration. Led by marine life experts, these programs help participants develop leadership skills and bring learning to life. Eligible if you have participated in an Ocean Explorers Education program. To learn more, click here.
22. Ocean Ambassador: Coming Soon
23. Grouper Moon Project: REEF partners with the Cayman Islands Department of Environment (DoE), scientists from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, and Oregon State University to help protect the Nassau Grouper, a Caribbean icon. Eligible if you have watched the Grouper Moon livestream or the Grouper Moon Documentary
24. 30 for 30 Challenge: 2023 marks the 30-year anniversary of the Volunteer Fish Survey Project at REEF. This means 30 years of educating the public on the importance of citizen science and protecting marine environments and the critters that live in the deep blue sea. Eligible if you conduct and submit data for 30 surveys within 2023.