REEF maintains 8 regional Facebook groups for fishwatchers and critterwatchers. Need ID help on photo? These groups are the place to post your mystery fish and critters.

These groups are for REEF members / surveyors (divers and snorkelers) in our different regions who are interested in communicating with other REEF surveyors who also dive in the area. It's a perfect place to post and discuss photos of mystery fish, chat with others regarding Experience Level tests, get tips and hints, explore various dive destinations, and learn more about REEF surveying. 

Note: to keep these FB groups useful and free of spam, they are private groups. When you request to join, you will be asked to answer a few questions (REEF member number, your interest in joining the group). Please answer those, otherwise we might not accept your request.

Click below to visit the regional Facebook group:

Tropical Western Atlantic Fishwatchers (TWA; Florida, Caribbean, Bahamas, and Gulf of Mexico)

South Atlantic States Critterwatchers (SAS; Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina)

Northeast US & Canada Critterwatchers (NE; Virginia through Newfoundland)

California Critterwatchers (CAL)

Pacific Northwest Critterwatchers (PNW; Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska)

Tropical Eastern Pacific Fishwatchers (TEP; Gulf of California to the Galapagos Islands, West coast of Central America, Colombia and Ecuador)

Hawaiian Islands Fishwatchers (HAW; main archipelago, northwest islands, Johnston Atoll)

South Pacific, Central Indo-Pacific, Indian Ocean, Red Sea Fishwatchers (SOP; CIP, IORS)


Coming Soon

Eastern Atlantic & Mediterranean (EAM; Azores, Madeira, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Mediterranean, Irish, North and Baltic Seas)