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REEF staff and members have created study decks to help with fish ID in various regions. See below for the current region Quizlet list. You can also visit REEF's Quizlet account at https://quizlet.com/REEFHQ to see all Quizlets.

Have you created a deck you would like to share with other REEF members? Email us at reefhq@REEF.org.

Fish ID Quizlets
(hint: You can change the type of Study Mode with the menu at the bottom of each Quizlet's page)

Tropical Western Atlantic (TWA)

Northeast US & Eastern Canada (NE)

South Atlantic States (SAS)

Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean (EAM)

Pacific Northwest (PNW)

California (CAL)

Hawaii (HAW)

Tropical Eastern Pacific (TEP)

Central Indo-Pacific (CIP)

South Pacific (SOP)