Invasive Lionfish: A Guide to Control and Management

This best practices manual contains control strategies, outreach and education plans, research, monitoring, legal considerations, and ideas for acquiring resources and vital partnerships. This work would not have been possible without the support of NOAA, REEF, ICRI, the United Nations Environment Programme, Caribbean Environment Programme, SPAWRAC, and the 40+ participants of the 2010 Caribbean Regional Lionfish Workshop. Find downloadable copies and Ebook versions at the links below.






Lionfish Dissection Guide: Techniques and Applications

Dissection can provide unique information on the physiology, biology and ecology of organisms. This document describes protocols for dissecting lionfish. Protocols were developed to provide guidance to trained research personnel and to help standardize handling and dissection methodologies, with the goal of improving research coordination and our understanding of lionfish biology and ecology. 








Field Guide to the Nonindigenous Marine Fishes of Florida







Prepared by scientists from NOAA, Simon Fraser University, USGS, and REEF to learn the basics of lionfish biology and ecology.

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Get introduced to lionfish and discover the underwater world in the “Junior Ranger: Underwater Explorer” activity book from the National Park Service

"Blaff the Lionfish":Get creative, download and make a 3D lionfish toybox.

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