Lionfish removals help control the invasion.
Learn how to safely collect and handle lionfish today!  

REEF conducts FREE Lionfish Collection and Handling Workshops!

Each workshop will include an in-classroom background on the invasion, lionfish biology, ecological impacts, current research, collecting and handling techniques, and more! Once wrapping up on land, we will head out to the water and put our skills to work during a two-tank dive charter. The workshop and dives are free thanks to generous donations from the dive shops, and REEF will provide lionfish collecting gear, but you must bring your own SCUBA gear or organize a rental through the dive shop. Please contact the shop directly before the workshop if you need rental gear. *Due to the advanced nature of the lionfish collection dives, an advanced dive certification and 30 dives minimum are required for dive participants.

Upcoming Lionfish Collecting & Handling Workshops

Islamorada Lionfish Collecting & Handling Workshop | September 5 & 7, 2023

Tuesday, September 5 & Thursday, September 7

  • Classroom background: Tuesday, September 5 - 6pm Check-in (options for virtual or in-person attendance)
  • Two-tank removal dives: Thursday, September 7 - 7:45am Check-in

Want to attend in the future?

Workshops are periodically planned for locations throughout Southeast Florida and the Keys. Check back often, email for more information, or sign up below for email notifications (select Lionfish on the form).

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