We Need Your Sightings!

Have you seen or captured an exotic or invasive species? Help REEF and USGS track the invasion by submitting a report through the sighting form linked below. If you are doing a REEF fish survey, please report it there too.

Exotic Species Sighting Form

 Use this form to submit details about any non-native marine species seen while diving or snorkeling. Please submit pictures or video when possible.

We Need Your Stories!

Lionfish & Native Predator Interactions

Have you observed, taken video or photographed any observations of native species preying upon lionfish? REEF would like to create a database of these observations and needs your input. Past or current observations and all observations no matter how small are encouraged. Examples include, observations of lionfish in stomach content of captured fish, diver observations of native predators stalking lionfish, attempts of predation and successful capture.

* We are only interested in unaided observations of predation. REEF discourages any feeding of lionfish to native predators by divers as it may lead to disruptive behavioral changes in native species.

Join REEF to learn about lionfish, the invasion, and safe collection and handling techniques at a Lionfish Workshop.

Get the chance to win cash prizes, and help us round up lionfish by participating in a Lionfish Derby!

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